It is our pleasure to welcome you at IVF-Sunrise – a leading egg donation and surrogate mother agency in Russia for international clients. Our sole purpose is to make sure you become parents. Let us help you make your dreams come true!

We at IVF-Sunrise are proud about our high rates of post-IVF clinical pregnancies that are significantly greater than those at other surrogate agencies. We are relentlessly improving our programs and getting consistently better results.

Our team of devoted professionals is applying the latest methods to deliver the best possible outcomes in infertility treatment while following the strictest code of moral and ethics. Aspiring to provide the premium quality service, we genuinely care about our patients` dream to become parents of a healthy child. Treating infertility in the most effective way is our lives` work.

In order to run the complicated surrogacy programs in the smartest way, we have built a well-coordinated team of highly skilled embryologists, experienced fertility doctors, ethically savvy surrogate mothers, as well as in-house lawyers and competent coordinators who support the legal and organizational aspects of the treatment process. Acting as pioneers on the Russian market, we offer to our patients an all-inclusive package of surrogacy-related services, which encompass necessary medical procedures, as wells as legal and organizational support from start to finish, which is the birth of the healthy child. It is our commitment and our guarantee that we run our IVF and surrogacy programs in the most professional, ethical and moral way.

Ensuring full support of surrogate mothers is our primary responsibility at IVF Sunrise. We provide care and emotional support to our surrogate mothers during the entire gestation period. In advance of embryo transfer and during the three months

Meet our team
Our expert team guides you step-by-step through the amazing process of becoming parents. Our team
over 5 years experience are at your service.
  • Victor Miller
    Co Founder / Director
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    Follow Up Manager
  • Vivan Li
    Program coordinator
  • Kate Zhao
    Program coordinator