Exit visa for baby

Although a newborn baby can remain in the territory of Russia for an indefinite period, when he leaves the country for the first time, the parents must receive an exit visa, which will not require much time and effort. By cooperating with IVF Sunrise, you will get qualified service in helping you obtain exit visa for your baby within a short period of time.


How to obtain an exit visa for a newborn

  1. You must receive a statement of the birth from the hospital where the child was born. The statement of a birth will specify the time and date of the birth of a child, his sex, as well as a name of the birth attendant who was present at the childbirth.
  2. You should appeal (with statement of a birth) to the Civil Registry Office that is in charge of registration of vital events to submit an application for receiving an official state birth certificate.
  3. Once you have received an official birth certificate from the Civil Registry Office, you must apply for a passport of a child to an embassy of your country. You may be required by the embassy to present a certified translation of a birth certificate or an apostille.
  4. When applying to the Department of Migration Records and Visa Arrangements which is in the Office of the Federal Migration Service, you are required to present the following documents:
    • A child’s passport
    • A certified translation and a copy of a child’s passport
    • A certified translation and a birth certificate of a child
    • A certified translation and a copy of the husband’s passport
    • One photograph
    • A copy of the mother’s passport
    • A copy of a registration in Moscow
    • A receipt for payment of the duty
    • A proof for an airplane tickets reservation

Usually a procedure of exit visa registration for a newborn does not exceed 10 days.