Traveling to Moscow

We at IVF Sunrise are happy to invite you to IVF treatment and/or surrogate motherhood in Moscow – one of the most famous cities in the world and the capital of Russia. happy to invite you to IVF treatment and/or surrogate motherhood in Moscow – one of the most famous cities in the world and the capital of Russia.


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Moscow is located on the Moscow River and traces its history back to the year 1147, although, according to archaeologists, people lived on its territory starting from the 7th century BC. A treasure house of historical and cultural values, Moscow continues its rapid growth as a modern metropolis.


Moscow’s length from North to South is 38 km;the distance from West to East is 39.7 km. Moscow is one of the top ten most populated cities in the world with more than 13 million people currently living here.


Threeinternational airports, nine railway stations and 2 river ports serve as “gates” to Moscow. Local time is defined as UTC +3, with no reverts to standard time in winter. Average winter temperature -6 degrees centigrade, average summer temperature+18 degrees centigrade.


Moscow has a very advanced public transportationsystem. Moscow Metro, with its impressive 196 stations on 12 “branches”, totaling 327.5 km, is the city`s principal means of transportation. In addition, there are 660 routes of ground transportation including buses, trolleybuses and trams, as well as sixriverboat lines.



DOMODEDOVO – the largest airport in Russia, ranked first in the country for domestic and international air cargo is located 22 km south of Moscow.
VNUKOVO – located in 11 km distance from Moscow with «MKAD” Ring Road to the southwest of the capital.
SHEREMETYEVO – is located in 11 km distance northwest of Moscow

The most preferable one, if you’re planning to visit IVF Sunrise, is Sheremetyevo Airport. Getting from the airports to the center of Moscow by Aero Express trains or a taxi will take you 35-45 minutes. At IVF Sunrise, we provide our guests with free airport transfer from any airport to make your trip as comfortable as possible.




The Moscow metro is an underground railway system of 196 stations along the 12 lines whose total length exceeds 325 km. Thanks to the sophisticated branching andmultiple opportunities to switch the line you can directly access major sightseeing destinations with ease. On the Metro Website you can find the Metro underground scheme, as well as calculate the time your route will take, and access other information. There are no traffic jams underground, trains run with short time spans, from 5 am until 1 am.


Besides, the Moscow metro is an attraction in itself, with some stations looking like museums, always full of tourists. Most central stations are masterpieces of the architectural style of the Stalin era. No wonder that the lobbies of Kropotkinskaya, Krasnye Vorota and Mayakovskaya stations won the highest awards at the international exhibitions in Paris, Brussels and New York in the middle of the last century.




The national currency of Russia, ruble, consists of 100 kopecks. Used in circulation are coins of 1, 5, 10 and 50 kopeks, 1, 2, 5 and 10 rubles, and bills in 10, 50, 100, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 rubles. You can pay for goods and services in Russiaonly in Russian rubles. You can pay either by cash rubles, or by credit card. ATMsof the most popular financial institutions are installed in the most public places (including the streets) and available 24 hours a day. The timetables of banks in Moscow vary, but most banks serve clients from 9 am until 7 pm during the weekdays. For security purposes, do not use the services of individuals on the street when exchanging money.


To find out the current exchange rate of the ruble, visit the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Make inquiry at your hotel reception about the nearest currency exchange office. The ATMs of the most popular banks are usually located in hotel lobbies, subway stations and major stores. All major shopping malls, hotels, entertainment centers andservice outlets in Moscow accept Visa and MasterCard, as well as cards of other common payment systems. Payment systems logos on the doors or windows of shopping outlets indicate the types of credit cards these outlets accept.


Some smaller shops, city markets, cafés and restaurants may not accept credit cards, so the best option for an individual traveler is to have both a credit card and a small amount of cash in rubles, equivalent to $100 or €100. For example, the cash may come in handy when you are satisfied with the service at a restaurant or café and want to give a tip. As a rule, tip size is 10% of the total bill.




Moscow is a welcoming city. Here you can find accommodation for any taste and budget. More than 400 locations, including hotels of different price classes, hostels, mini-hotels and apartments provide their hospitality services in Moscow. Cost of stay in Moscow hotels is not too different from that in other world capitals: it all depends on your preferences.


According to, staying at a 5* hotel in Moscow will cost you, on average, €239, at a 4* hotel – €132, and at a 3* hotel – €93. One day of stay in a good Moscow hostel is unlikely to cost you more than €25. Moreover, if you conduct a thorough search (and you are not too picky), you can land a bargain that is 1.5 times cheaper.


See below some examples of hotels:

Izmailovo Gamma 3*
Oksana Hotel 3*
Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya 4*
Garden ring hotel 4**
InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya 5*

Apartments are also a very popular type of accommodation among tourists. This option allows you to save a great deal on your cost of stay in Moscow, with the level of comfort comparable to hotel accommodation. If you are interested in staying in an apartment you can consult with IVF Sunrise employee who will help youfind the ideal apartment with a great location and affordable price.


Eating in Moscow


Finding a good and inexpensive place to eat in Moscow is easier than you think. Many restaurants in Moscow offer business lunches at very affordable prices, from 195 to 350 rubles on average. At large self-service café chains like Mu-Mu and Grabli, you can expect guaranteed quality at a reasonable price – a generouslunch will cost you some 300-500 rubles per person.


You can learn more here:

Web Site
Web Site
Taras Bulba
Web Site
Web Site
Web Site

The average bill in such restaurants can amount to 1,500-2,500 rubles per person. IVF staff members are always happy to suggest you the best places to eat nearby your hotel or apartment.


Sightseeing in Moscow


Just as any big city, Moscow has several must-see places that epitomize the spirit of the city. Here are the top-ten must-see destinations in Moscow.

The Kremlin
The bulk of pictures of the Kremlin are taken from outside, while all the fun, of course, is inside. The Kremlin`s territory, seemingly small from outside, wonderfully expands once you walk inside through the Troitskgates. Here you can spend the entire day and still not get enough of the place.
Red square
Walking around the Kremlin is also fun. By walking along the Kremlin`s perimeter, you will be able to take a closer look at all its towers, see Alexandrovsky garden, the Moscow river embankment, Vasilevsky descend and, of course, Red square, with major attractions such as St .Basil’s Cathedral, Minin-Pozharsky monument, the State Historical Museum and GUM department store.
Tverskaya Street
The main street of Moscow, Tverskaya is crowded with people during the daytime, but there is always room for a curious tourist. Stay on the sidelines and look around. Every building here is a historical and architectural treasure; you can observe them eternally, “reading off the facades” the tales of the past. However, do not forget to visit Tverskaya at night. Festive veil of lights covering the street like a shawl became a hallmark of Moscow nightlife.
The Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the world’s largest collections of Russian art. If you have already been in the main building, you can head to the branch onKrymsky Val, to see the 20thcentury art collection or visit one of the temporary exhibitions organized by the gallery.
The Pushkin Museum
It so happened that the name of the greatestRussian poet in Moscow is not primarily associated with a museum in his honor, but with the State Museum of Fine Arts. Unlike the Tretyakov Gallery, this museum presents the works of foreign artists. Leaving its halls, you feel like just have traveled the entire world in a time machine, so extensive the Museum`s collection is.
Bolshoi Theatre
Famous around the world, this opera and ballet theater is a cultural magnet. Getting into Bolshoy at least once in a lifetime is every cultured person`s dream. No matter what kind of performance you will be able to attend, be assured of the highest standard in any work presented on its stage. If the Bolshoy is fully sold out during your trip, please, do not get upset: there are many fine theatres in Moscow that might be running a play you are willing to watch.
Moscow metro
Even if you prefer bus tours or car trips, take a look at a few stations of the Moscow metro. Their architecture and design have always been intended to emphasize the greatness of the capital. Therefore especially interesting are the stations serving as “gates” to the city, the ones that are the first to welcome visitors. For example, Kievskaya or Komsomolskaya (at ring entrance). Almost all central stations have unique and original design: Revolution Square is famous for its sculptures, Mayakovskaya is decorated with mosaics by the artist A. Deyneka, Novokuznetskaya features patriotic decorations and Arbatskaya looks more like a palace hall. Everyone who visited Moscow has their favorite station, and so will you.
Arbat Street
It is impossible to imagine Moscow without this pedestrian street. One of the city’s landmarks, Arbat conveys a touch of romance.
The Boulevard Ring
is another Moscow legend. If you fail to walk a full circle, we suggest that you choose to walk at least along the Tverskoy Boulevard. Here you will see the most famous monument to Pushkin, a typical place for lovers to meet for a date. There are two more monuments here: to poet Sergey Yesenin and Timiryazev, a famous scientist. Gorky MHAT Theatre and PushkinTheater, as well as numerous old mansions also located on Tverskoy.
Vorobyovy Hills
This wonderful place completes our list not accidentally. Because you will likely lack the time to explore all the attractions, you can try to “embrace the unembraceable” on Vorobyovy (Sparrow) Hills observation deck. Breathtaking views will give you the feeling of flying and you will definitely want to return to Moscow once again.

In addition to the standard tourist routes, IVF Sunrise staff will help to diversify your leisure by suggesting alternative venues and entertainment in Moscow, for example:

  • Take a walk in the legendary National Economy Achievement “VDNH” Park – website
  • An observation deck on the Ostankino TV tower (height 340 meters) – website
  • Tsar Manor – the Kremlin in Izmailovo – website
  • Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve – website
  • Performance in Moscow Circus of Nikulin (founded in 1880) – website
  • Moscow Zoo – website
  • The underground bunker of Stalin (the depth of 65 meters) – website
  • Visit the shooting range, where you can shoot with both short- and long-barrel guns – website
  • Visit Europe’s largest Oceanarium – website
  • Year-round skating or alpine skiing – website
  • Indulge in a Thai massage – website
  • And much, much more…

Shopping in Moscow


In addition to an impressive list of interesting sights, Moscow has another magnet for tourists – its shopping. Souvenir products are offered in several places: in the shops on Arbat, on the lookout deck on Vorobyovy Hills, on Vernisazhmarket in Izmajlovo and gift shop in the VDNH Park. Moscow visitors love to discover diverse city malls, shopping centers and boutiques. One of the primary shopping outlets in Moscow is the GUM Department Store. Since the 17th century, visitors and residents of Moscow headed here to purchase goods. Over time, the stalls were transformed into a beautiful building. And now, under a glass roof, there are multiple series of passages. GUM is not merely a place to shop, but also a place to take beautiful pictures. Graceful staircases, gorgeous arches and bridges – all this makes this department store incredibly attractive. Take an underground shopping tour at Okhotny Ryad. This shopping center is located near the Alexandrovsky garden. Tourists usually drop in Okhotny Ryad after visiting the Kremlinand nearby museums. Prices here are more affordable than in GUM.


Eliseevsky Grocery store is not just a grocery store, but a monument of history and culture in Moscow, attracting tourists from around the world. First opened in distant 1901, Eliseevsky shop is still considered one of the best in Moscow. Europeysky is not just a mere shopping center, but also a whole town of entertainment. This is one of the few shopping centers in Moscow located so close to the city center and not forcing their customers to go to the final Metro stations or leave the MKAD. In Europeysky, many international brands have their dedicated stores, for example TopShop, Pinko, Calvin Klein, Matiss, Monsoon, BSBJ, Bershka, Escada Sport, Next, Motivi, JNBY, Oasis, Marella, Sela, Sunnie Li, SoFrench (exSultannaFrantsuzova), lingerie brands Etam, La Senza, Intimissimi, footwear brands Aldo, Dune, Nine West, Fаbi, Baldinini, as well as Mothercare, Douglas, «Ile-de-Beaute», Swarowski, Yakutsky Diamonds, RE: Store, White Wind.


Of special interest to you might be visiting an exclusive Pret-a-Porter section at Europeysky. You will find a series of single-brand and multi-brand boutiques featuring the latest collections of European designers, for example, PatriziaPepe, Feavinci, Agent Provocateur, TruTrussardi, Trevis Jordan, Caractere, LAB.PAL Zileri, Elena Miro and many others. Don’t forget to stroll through the old Arbat. On this street, you will find antique stores, numerous restaurants, street musicians, artists and mimes. Today, the old Arbatstreet is a pedestrian area. Rest assured, arriving for the IVF program in IVF Sunrise you’ll not only get close to making your dreams come true, but also spend unforgettable days in Moscow, which you will remember for a lifetime.


We look forward to seeing you in Moscow and will be happy to do our best so that you cannot help but recommend us to your friends and acquaintances.