Egg donation

The business of fertility practices and technologies is booming. Just decades ago, many considered a diagnosis of infertility to be a final sentence, but we know that this is not the case today. Clinics like IVF Sunrise offer new hope to couples and singles looking to raise their children, all with the help of various technologies and procedures. One of these procedures is egg donation, and it helps thousands of people unable to conceive due to health problems or lack of a partner. This is a relatively new practice (as opposed to sperm donation) but is rapidly growing in popularity and prevalence.

The procedure of egg donation is not a simple one, but donating women can rest assured that it is completely safe for their health. To maximize the number of healthy eggs a donor will produce, she undergoes several weeks of harmless medication, injections, and hormones, which significantly increase the number of eggs produced. After the eggs mature, they are retrieved with the help of a small needle guided by ultrasound, and the eggs are placed in a stable environment. Very soon after, they are ready to be fertilized, and the most suitable embryo (or embryos) is then implanted into the birth mother’s womb.

Egg donation is not something couples with healthy reproductive systems choose, and there is often an underlying medical condition that makes them choose this option. For example, dysplasia, congenital ovarian aplasia, ovarian failure, and the presence of genetic disorders passed down to the offspring of a certain gender can all make natural fertility impossible or dangerous. Egg donation is also selected in cases when chemotherapy or radiotherapy harmed the mother’s ovaries. It is also often chosen when the mother has undergone a natural or artificial menopause. Regardless of the motive for this choice, we can say that it provides opportunities in even the most hopeless situations.

If you are planning to use donated eggs for your reproductive procedure, it is crucial to choose a suitable donor. All of the Russian egg donors and donors from other countries listed in IVF Sunrise’s database have undergone thorough medical examinations to determine that they are healthy and capable of providing suitable oocytes (egg cells). This database is regularly updated, contains detailed and informative resumes and photos, and includes many women from Asia and Ukraine just waiting for a chance to help couples bring new life into the world. It is important to mention that one of the prerequisites for our selection of egg donor candidates is their reproductive history. If the donors have healthy children of their own, we know that their eggs are healthy and compatible.

Apart from giving you a wide selection of egg donors, we provide our customers the opportunity to talk with any donor they show interest in. This can help them determine whether the person is someone they want to work with. Furthermore, we are proud to offer consultation services in our medical center, and to cover all expenses associated with program fees and medical expenditures. As a company with a long history of cooperation with fertility clinics in Russia, Thailand, and the USA, we are dedicated to providing you with the best egg donation experience possible.