Frozen Shipping Service

In some cases, several attempts may be required to achieve a clinical pregnancy during a surrogate program. In those cases, for further treatment, you need to transfer your cryogenically preserved genetic materials to another clinic, or even ship them to another country where you will be coordinated with a new surrogate mother. If you consider a follow-up IVF or surrogacy program in Russia, IVF-Sunrise will be happy to offer you our excellent frozen shipping service.


We are aware of how priceless; such cargo is for our clients and how nerve-wracking shipping and logistics can be. We have built a dedicated team to streamline the logistics process and make sure that you have this burden off your shoulders. IVF-Sunrise has vast experience in safe shipments of cryopreserved eggs, sperm and embryos into Russia from anywhere in the world. Our team of experts will assist you in dealing with the form-filling procedures and shipping logistics in a quick and efficient manner. We use our liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper to transfer your genetic materials. Using this shipper, we maintain cryogenic temperatures needed to preserve cell integrity, a pre-requisite in successful IVF treatment.


Liquid nitrogen used in our equipment is a guarantee that temperatures of 150°C below zero will keep for at least ten days, which is a sufficient time frame for international shipment of genetic materials. Since our equipment maintains steady temperatures of below -150°C, it eliminates accidental freeze-thaw cycles that may destroy the cellular structure of your genetic materials. Therefore, even if the flight is delayed or canceled, we still have time allowance to transfer the genetic materials safely to their final destination.

You may consider shipping your frozen embryos through IVF-Sunrise to Russia in the following cases:

  • After one or more repeatedly failed IVF cycles, your doctor recommended that you consider a surrogacy program;
  • You have deliberately created and cryogenically preserved your embryos to use surrogate services in Russia.

Finding the right shipper and making all the necessary arrangements is not an easy task if you decided to transfer your genetic materials to Russia. At IVF-Sunrise, we have developed a substantial expertise in the genetic material transfer. Once you grant your consent, we will happily take care of the entire organization of your genetic materials` shipping procedure.

In addition to offering standard procedures, our team can propose you a tailor-made solution for your needs:

  • You don’t have time to travel in order to provide us with sperm cells for the IVF process;
  • You need donor eggs to participate in IVF procedure in Russia.

We offer a solution: our team will come to your country to collect all the required genetic materials and ship them to Russia for further use in the IVF procedure.


Five arguments in favor of choosing IVF-Sunrise frozen shipping service:

  1. Our team has developed strong expertise in shipping cryopreserved biological materials to Russia from abroad by applying the most advanced technologies;
  2. Experienced team of IVF-Sunrise will coordinate fast and safe transfer of genetic materials to Russia;
  3. Having established long-term relationships with major airlines, we can pick the best schedules for you. We make sure that the transfer procedure is convenient, simple and reliable by overtaking responsibility for all the issues concerning paperwork, packaging, and shipping;
  4. There is no definite need for your physical presence in Russia during further programs of IVF or surrogate motherhood. The cryogenically preserved biomaterials are delivered immediately to our clinic for the embryological phase of IVF program or, speaking of embryos, for further storage while waiting for the surrogacy program to begin;
  5. Solid and reliable, IVF-Sunrise frozen shipping service will save your time and money.

Our experts will be happy to provide you detailed information about our frozen shipping services.