When deciding on a surrogacy clinic to perform IVF procedure, it is essential to be confident in the quality of the services and make sure that the range of offered surrogate services is extensive. In such a way, you can attend only one establishment and receive everything you need.

Here at IVF Sunrise we can help people diagnosed with infertility or dealing with other issues preventing them from having a healthy child. One of the main emphases of our clinic is on gestational surrogate motherhood. But, if a female is not able to provide fertile eggs, there is a possibility of choosing egg donors from our extensive database. You don’t have to reside in Russia to use our services because we provide the opportunity of transferring genetic material to wherever you live.

When we talk about such transportation, the focus is on embryos and sperm, as oocytes are prone to lose their qualities after being frozen and unfrozen. Also, the services of our company include various health check-ups and examinations for both surrogate mothers and intended mothers. Moreover, with the help of preimplantation genetic diagnosis you can monitor the health of a baby and determine its sex. When choosing IVF Russia, you can be sure that control over the procedure is performed with great care.