Employing surrogacy services is becoming a more and more common way to overcome infertility in the world. It is virtually the only opportunity for women who cannot bear a child of their own. Surrogacy in Russia is completely legal, and the number of children in Russia who were born with the help of surrogacy programs is ever increasing and has already reached tens of thousands.

IVF-Sunrise is a member of the British group named the IVF Sunrise Group specializing in “surrogate” programs and has extensive practical experience in their implementation. Throughout the years, we have gained vast experience by working in Thailand and the United States. And now, we have decided to expand our reach into the Russian territory in order to provide affordable surrogacy programs for clients from Europe and Asia. Presently, our customers come from a number of different countries including, Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

IVF-Sunrise has an extensive database of surrogate mothers and a constantly updated database of egg donors should their help be needed. All the potential surrogate mothers and donors are rigorously tested to ensure that they comply with all the medical and legal requirements.

1. Favorable surrogacy laws in Russia

According to Russian laws, IVF, oocyte donation and surrogacy are completely legal. These laws are completely transparent and have no hidden stones. We’ll provide you with full legal support based on Russian and international legislation.

2. There is no need for a medical visa

There is no need for you to acquire a medical visa when going through a program of surrogate motherhood in Russia. All you need is a tourist or business visa, which you can receive on a very short notice.

3. High quality IVF service

The treatment is being carried out in one of the best clinics of reproductive and prenatal medicine in Moscow, which specializes in IVF programs for foreigners. It has its own laboratory of assisted reproductive technology, along with the most modern equipment, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in Russia. The clinic has a valid certificate of ISO 9001-2008.

4. Doctors of the highest qualification

All doctors in our clinic are highly qualified with extensive practical experience gained in the leading clinics of Western Europe and the United States. Additionally, all staff members are fluent in English language, making sure that you can easily communicate with them.

5. Highest quality services for an adorable price. High percentage of clinical pregnancies

Thanks to the efforts of our team, our clinic has the highest percentage of clinical pregnancies among all other Russian clinics. Moreover, the cost of services can be covered by the majority of customers, who come to us for help. The payment conditions are also significantly more favorable than in other clinics. We will be glad to offer you our standard programs and, if necessary, discuss individual conditions.

6. Comprehensive support concerning any questions in English and Chinese languages

The members of our team are fluent in English and Chinese, and will provide you with comprehensive support in resolving medical and organizational issues, starting with your first contact with us. We will help you to book plane tickets, choose a hotel or apartment accommodation, provide transportation services, organize the purchase of necessary medicines and help you to go through all the medical tests. We will always be at your side throughout the whole period of treatment and when you talk with the doctor. We care greatly about all our clients and will solve all of your problems, so that nothing will distract you from your main goal with which you came to us – the birth of a child.

7. Constantly updated database of surrogate mothers and donors

We have a comprehensive database of verified surrogate mothers from Thailand and egg donors from Ukraine. In contrast to surrogate mothers from western countries, Asian women are renowned for having a lot fewer complications during pregnancy. This can be attributed to the fact that they lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid bad habits (such as drinking and smoking), and live in an ecologically clean areas of the country. We choose to work with Ukrainian egg donors, since their appearance and genetics are probably the most favorable among all the other girls from the former countries of the USSR. This ensures that children with their genes will be healthy and beautiful.

8. Combine your treatment and vacation in Russia

When going through a surrogate motherhood program in Russia, you may combine your vacation with the process of going through the program. Quite often, while our clients are going through the surrogacy program, they also go on various tours around Moscow and even go to Saint Petersburg for a few days. We will be happy to help you organize your leisure time during your stay. Finally, to increase the success rate of the surrogacy program, we always try to make sure that our customers are ready for all the medical procedures before coming to Russia.

9. Free transportation of cryoconservated embryos and sperm

Our company has extensive knowledge in the transportation of cryoconservated materials across the world. If you were going through an unsuccessful IVF procedure in your country and have cryoconservated embryos left, then you may turn to us for help if your doctor recommends you to go through the program of surrogate motherhood. We will help you to transport this precious biomaterial to Moscow safely and on time. When transferring cryoconservated embryos into Russia, there is no need for the presence of the client. Thus, such an option allows the client to save a lot of time and money. Additionally, we have experience collecting sperm samples from international clients and quick delivery of them into our clinic in Russia for subsequent IVF procedure.

10. Availability for anyone

You may choose to use our program of surrogate motherhood, even if you don’t have any medical indications for doing so. This means that any couple or individual, who wishes to employ the services of a surrogate mother, can do so using our help. Quite frequently, even a very joyful relationship may crumble if the woman is unwilling to bear the child herself. She may have many reasons for such a choice, including pursuit of career, fear of losing her health and beauty, or simple fear of pain. If you’re in such a situation, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you to make your dream a reality.